Two Brother Separated by the Civil War

This story was pieced together so I can not be sure of the actual facts.  Do I have the right generation, even the right family; Young vs. McClure or more likely it was Edmund Lawson’s family as we know his mother was a Virginian.   At any rate this is what I was told though some details may be in error.

I believe this story is about Clair (Clara) Young Lawson’s maternal grandfather and his brother. Both were involved in the Civil War but on different sides.  They were originally from Virginia.  But, one brother went north to Pennsylvania to work on the railroads.  When the Civil War broke out, the Virginia brother wanted the Pennsylvania brother to return and fight for the Confederacy.  He refused.  As the war raged on, the Pennsylvania brother was captured while running trains for the north.  He died sometime during that war, possibly as a captive of the south.  He was buried in Pennsylvania.

At the end of the war, the Virginia brother was still angry at his northern brother and went to Pennsylvania to find him.  But, when he found he was too late to take personal revenge, he located his brother’s tombstone and fired a gun into it.  The bullet is supposed to be still lodged in it. I would love to know the true story, if there is one.